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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thriftasaurus #83

Thriftasaurus #83

Happy Easter Thrifters! This year, no day of celebrations for me. We usually go to my boyfriends moms & his sister cooks, but she is in the hospital (again), so I will be staying home, cleaning & packing up our apartment while my boyfriend is working. The doctors say she should be out on Monday. We'll all be going down to Ohio & going to his aunts for Easter celebrations next weekend. 

I wasn't going to go out this week, but I am pretty damn glad I did. Before anything else, I also want to say, I found a total of $15 this week! Psyyyyyched! I went out because I was stressed & needed time alone. I went out without any expectations aside from having some time alone. Maybe that's the mentality I should always have?

First up, some of my favourite shades of Pyrex! One of my favourite patterns is Butterprint. I love it in all colours & sizes, but my ultimate favourite colour & size is the 471 white on turquoise! I was so excited to find this in the thrift. I only have one & bought it at an antique market in Michigan for $12 without a lid. The thrift store one is near mint. Love it! When I got off the bus, even though I never find Pyrex at this particular thrift anymore & had no expectations, I just had a feeling like I was going to find a pink piece. & look what sat on the shelf? 

I saw this at a thrift before & passed because my BF was home & I can only sneak so much inside the house when he's home, so I left it. We later went into an antique market & it was in a booth & he commented on how cool it was. Really boo? It was $3 at the thrift store, now it's like $28 at the antique market.

Yup, rhinestone eyes get me every time. These S&P shakers, made in Japan. 

Don't you love this classic set of Jolly Juvenile Notes? The illustrations are a lot of fun. It's missing that beautiful candy cane pen, though. Too bad. 

I bought a lamp, too. I know, you're quoting me, "I thought you said you're not a lamp guy!?" I'll save the story & photos for next time because getting pictures of the lamp & to the lamp & stuff is too complicated right now. Hope the bunny was good to you... 

BTW, it was my anniversary today - we've been together for 7 years! No celebrations, we never even saw each other. We are working too hard.



Monday, April 14, 2014

Pyrex Collectors: What's Your Rarest Piece?

Pyrex Collectors
It's bragging time - what's your rarest piece? 

Since I have acquired this piece, I haven't seen it for sale. Just recently it was up for sale on eBay in the United Kingdom. The piece is the coral red snowflake space saver. Surprisingly I picked mine up off the shelf at Goodwill a few years ago when shelf Pyrex was more plentiful in the area. I assure you it was only on the shelf because it was priced at $16.01. 

It's also pretty safe to say that if the seller was able to ship to USA/Canada the piece would have sold for higher. I need to stop telling my boyfriend how much things are worth. He bothers me to sell, sell, sell

It's a JAJ piece & did you know that I am now just finding out that JAJ means "James A. Jobling" & this piece is from the Gaiety line. Gaiety has to be my favourite line/pattern of Pyrex.


(i get a lot of people who ask... just thought I would say in advance!)
  So, with that revelation, fellow collectors, I'd love to know - what is your rarest piece?