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Monday, October 13, 2014

Thriftasaurus #107

Thriftasaurus #107

Hey thrifters! I've been an exhausted mess & haven't been able to bring myself to clear a spot in my apartment to take a pic of my most recent finds. That's how lazy I have been, but my BF has kept me out & up late lots this week... 

I did get to cross this great set of Noma elf lights off my want list... for less than $20 shipped on eBay (great online price!). I am sure when I pick them up in November, I am going to want a few more sets.

I'd like to invite everyone to link up below with their latest finds & hope my fellow Canadians who celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend used some vintage Pyrex! 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thriftasaurus #106

Thriftasaurus #106

Good afternoon thrifters! Hope you had a great, fun filled treasure hunting week. 

I had some fun finds this week, a few I have even previously looked up on eBay, so not bad at all! 

I picked up a few pieces of clothing this week, a vintage Screen Stars Paula Abdul t-shirt & a Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Jacket. I don't make it a habit to check out the sweaters & jackets, but it was raining & I actually thought, "maybe I'll find a Fred Perry jacket." Well, lo & behold. I wish that worked with Pyrex! *I will find a Shamrock Salad Set & a full set of Pink Butterprint & it won't be chipped or dishwasher damaged & it will have lids & brackets* - that ain't too much to ask for, right? These are 2 things I've eBay'd in the past. & black is my colour. 

I've wanted one of these pixies for a long time! I've seen a handful in antique markets, but I don't got $20 for one vintage pixie. This was a thrift store find... yellow isn't really my colour, but this beggar won't be a chooser. 

A large lot of vintage/retro greeting cards. (Not all posted, just a sample).

I already have a set of 4 of these glasses, but can always use an extra. I really think these are my favourite that I own. They had another one but it had a rim chip.

I bought this bag of magnets for the vintage Pac Man & Space Invaders one, but they  had a few other cute ones. 

& ummm... also picked these up in a grab bag, cute enough. 

Well that's it for me! Hope you had a fun week, too.