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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thriftasaurus #100!

::number 100:: 

Welcome thrifters to the 100th edition of Thriftasaurus! I don't have a special giveaway this time, but I did pick up something last week in Buffalo to include in the giveaway (it's vintage Christmas). Giveaway in the future to coincide with the launch of my Instashop - shopsirthriftalot. I don't know when that will be, the shops there, I just need a little more organization, you know?! 

My Buffalo finds are all over the place, so just my thrift finds for the week... which I am pretty psyched about! 
Look at all the vintage glasses! Don't you love? There were 2 of the Amish print, but had the gold totally faded off. Someone loved it the way it was since it was gone the next time I was in the store. I am not sure if these are sets of 2... what do you think?  (First 2 pics are same glass), but the king & queen set all the suites are accounted for on 2 glasses. There is a D on the bottom.. who is the maker??? 

I really don't understand how this vintage tablecloth could last 7 days in the thrift store. It has a few manufacturing flaws, but that aside, the graphics are amazing, I don't think it's ever been used & where else are you going to find one like this? Stained ones with mushrooms don't even last a day or two! Is this for a wedding? Or what would you use it for?

Friendship bowls. Great addition to daily rotation. 

This week it felt good to thrift. I didn't notice one dealer in the store, I am sure there was a couple, but none of the ferocious ones. It felt good to walk into a thrift store & find vintage treasures. It felt good to see Pyrex at thrifts I haven't seen Pyrex in in ages (even though I didn't buy it). & it felt good to get a break from the delusional people I have to spend my days with. 

& last, but not least, this cute little made in Japan elephant. Love? 

Thanks everybody for taking part in Thriftasaurus for the last 100 weeks! Can't believe how much crap I must have brought into the house during that time period, lol. 



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thriftasaurus #99

Thriftasaurus #99

Good evening thrifters! Early party this week since I'll be out of the country very, very early tomorrow morning for a fun filled weekend hopefully filled with lots of vintage goodies to bring home! 

I hung out at the thrifts enough this week, they weren't plentiful, but I am happy with what I brought home.

This Butterprint butter dish has been wanted by me for a very long time. I had passed one up at an antique market once for $15 (I read something today that said... something like "what haunts us most are the things we didn't buy" - so true) & have seen them only at markets - faded, chipped or priced high. I had convinced myself I could eventually find one cheaper than $15 since Butterprint is common enough. Wasn't looking good as I was witnessing pricing climbing, but looky here! *I will find the Shamrock salad set complete with holder* 

Here is what the butter dish looked like at the thrift... 

Never used vintage Made In USA Christmas tea towel. 

& these very suggestive, lol, patches. 

These 2 are my favourite.


On to the party!


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