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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thriftasaurus #96

Thriftasaurus #96!

Hiiiiiiiii thrifters & second hand treasure seekers! How was your week? Hope you have lots of great finds this week to share with us for Thriftasaurus.

I've decided to open an Instagram shop... haven't made on yet, but I will. Everything I picked up this week, aside from Superman will be inside among other sought out & long forgotten treasures.

I was complaining in my head that I haven't seen any vintage character sheets in forever & this week, I was overwhelmed.. not any I would buy, aside from this 1977 Superman pillowcase & 2 flat sheets (not pictured) & a stained Nintendo one from the 1980s. 

These cards & this sealed pack of strawberry stationary will be for sale in the shop.

Also this adorable anthropomorphic tea towel! I love their faces... 

That's all for me this week. I have a regret this week... something I left behind. We have a weekly antique market on Sundays here in Toronto, so I will have to wait & see until next week if it's there. So stressful,  lol!

Linking up with Melissa's Antiques for Thrifty Things Friday .
Hope you have some finds to join in, thanks for linking up last week. 

I am *thinking* on having a giveaway to celebrate the 100th Thriftasaurus. Of course, I won't include anything I already own (love it all), will have to pick some things up... if I do, what would you like to see? 


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Thriftasaurus #95!


Hi thrifters! I've been working up a sweat this week - literally. I believe I even suffered heat stroke & was ready to pass out in the thrift store. I dragged myself into one more (glad I did) & then had to hop on the bus & take my ass home. I was ready to vomit, then collapse. I have a haul I am proud of this week - all thrifted. 

All bought all these glasses to resell. I just might open an insta-shop. They seem like fun. My sales would only take place every quarter, whenever I go to the states as I probably wouldn't sell a lot since shipping for larger items is OUTRAGE to the USA from Canada. 

These are vintage, made by Federal. Don't really photograph well, but I learned when offering them for sale you can put food coloured water inside!

I cannot believe this was at the thrift store according to the tag for about 72 hours. This store is stalked by the dirtiest, sleaziest dealers I have ever seen, too. I won't go into detail, just trust. They are sleazy. Good Pyrex moves through this place, I can tell by all the dishwashered stuff. I found a few nice things, too. Nothing extremely rare, but nice enough. Anyways, it was grimy, maybe that's why? They afraid of the tiniest bit of work & will only buy shelf ready items? $3.

April angel. I never go to this store, so surprised I found something! It's always picked over to crap & you're usually picked through literal garbage. Love her basket of Easter eggs. I've got the February angel. 

OKAY. This t-shirt was too hilarious not to buy. I don't know if I am going to keep it, I might sell it. There was one on eBay at one point like it for $148, don't know if it ever sold. This one was never worn (at least never washed - so it looks). 

Cuuuuttteeee... & close up on the cat is a must!

I bought these napkins. I would love to know more about them. Does anybody know anything about them? German, I know! But.. what else

"For the most important thing in life."

Now's the time. If you thrifted & you blogged about it, link up below & let us know what fabulous things you picked up!


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